2011 Hot Christmas Toys-Fijit Buddies is a Great Christmas Toy For Girls


The hottest new toys are here and they are certain to be a big hit with your small girl. Fijit Close friends by Mattel are interactive toys that will speedily become your kid’s best friend. These toys can sing and dance, and with their constructed-in responses and voice recognition feature your kid will quickly be chatting, joking, singing and dancing with her new friends.

What are Fijit Close friends?
These small creatures are your modern day teddy bears except that they are far more entertaining and exciting. Fijit Buddies really like to do all the items that little girls 6 years old and up like to do. Young girls like to chat, inform jokes, and laugh a lot. They also like to sing and dance. These are issues that the cute and colorful Fijit Friends like to do, as well. Small girls can listen to music, sing, dance, and laugh all day but their close friends can’t be around them all the time. With Fijit Pals, your child will have a person to play with all day.

Who are the Fijit Friends?
Tiny girls have distinct personalities and there is a Fijit Buddy that is just proper for everyone. Meet Willa, Serafina, Logan, and Sage. The story goes that these magical creatures had been brought to life by the power of music.

Willa is the Trend Setting Fijit Friend. This purple beauty is the trend setter who loves the latest style and likes cool new items.

Serafina is the pink Fijit Pal who is a true Sweetie Pie. This cute toy is ideal for your sweet and girly daughter.

Logan in blue is the Sporty Fijit Friend. She likes to hold match and will make a wonderful friend for your sports-minded little girl.

Sage is the Adventurous Fijit Friend. She comes in light green. Sage loves exciting challenges and she likes to discover.

The interactive toy collection of Fijit Close friends consists of these four diverse Pals. They all have different personalities and will interact in diverse techniques with your child. The toys are sold separately.

About Fijit Pals
Fijit Buddies interactive toys come with rubbery, supple skin that permits incredible movement. Each and every toy has a soft head and removable ears. The toy’s squishy shell responds to touch. Poke your Fijit Friend’s physique and she will surprise you with entertaining movements. She can turn her head and bounce and wiggle her physique. Her face and eyes will also light up.

Little girls will never ever develop tired of their Fijit Friends. These toys have interactive functions such as voice recognition and beat detection. Fijit Friends respond appropriately to various beats and can dance in time with the music. Each and every Fijit Pal has her personal jokes and more than 150 constructed-in responses. These remarkable toys will sing, dance and carry out with your tiny girl.

Tiny girls really like to chat and so do Fijit Pals. The toys can recognize over 30 spoken commands and will respond with a lot more than 150 constructed-in responses and jokes. When it’s ultimately time for bed you can say goodnight to your Fijit Friend. She’ll nod off to sleep and her belly will glow like a nightlight.

Fijit Close friends can also detect and respond to mobile applications, television commercials, and other media platforms.

Every single Fijit Friend comes with 5 AA batteries and a set of instructions.

What Makes Them Particular?
Sophisticated technology allows these cute little interactive toys to do a lot of items. Don’t forget that every Fijit Buddy has its own personality. As your small girl interacts with her Fijit Pal, the toy’s character will create and the toy will form a strong bond with your child. Each and every Fijit Pal is exclusive and interacts in a various way.

Willa, Serafina, Logan and Sage have their personal dancing style. Their constructed-in beat detection function permits them to dance to the beat of the music. Following every single cute little dance, your Fijit Buddy will do a tiny bow.

Fijit Close friends really like to chat in a funny, good manner. They also adore to tell jokes. Knock-knock jokes are their favourite.

Each and every of the four interactive toys has her personal distinctive songs that they sing in various designs. Small girls can sing along with their Fijit Friend.
* Fun and innovative
* There is a Fijit Buddy that will suit your child’s personality
* High quality product
* Provides unlimited entertainment
* Fairly high-priced

What Buyers Say

The Fijit Close friends Toy Collection came out only in June 2011 but it really is currently a huge hit. Every tiny girl desires a single (or much more) of these interactive toys. Designing these four interactive toys with various personalities is a smart move. Little ones know exactly which Fijit Pal they want. Numerous small girls want Sweetie Pie Serafina but there are also little ones who can’t wait to have Willa, Logan or Sage.

Simply because this is a new toy, there are really couple of reviews from customers. However, feedback in common is quite good. 1 consumer reported her daughter’s Fijit Buddy does not always respond to commands or queries. This could be due to a slight dilemma in voice recognition and could be solved by standing close sufficient to the toy and speaking much more clearly.

Despite this tiny problem, buyers still love their Fijit Friends. There’s no doubt Fijit Pals will be the hottest toys this Christmas season.

Fijit Pals is a extremely well-liked Christmas present for girls this holiday season. Get a much more indepth assessment of this and other 2011 Hot Christmas toys on our website.

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