Massage Chair Overview of the Panasonic EP-1272 Massage Recliner


The concentrate of this product overview is 1 of the massage chairs from the True Pro Elite line from Panasonic. The Actual Pro Elite represents a cohesive method to constant massage therapy strategies and mechanisms in each recliner. We will take an in depth look at the EP 1272 model.

We will start with the warranty coverage and then cover some of the crucial function of the chair. Panasonic is a key electronics business with many goods. The warranty service for this massage chair is initially offered by way of your retailer. If service is necessary, then the chair should be sent to an authorized repair center. The warranty coverage for this model is as follows: three years components, 1 year labor. This is fairly brief compared to other significant manufacturers in the market, which is somewhat surprising for such a large business.

Let’s appear at some of the far more essential attributes of this shiatsu recliner. There are several therapeutic massage functions incorporated into this model. There are 4 automatic massage programs, 8 manual massage applications, and three manual back massage courses. There are also reduced physique air massage capabilities for the calves and feet.

Select from the four one particular touch applications for your comfort. These one touch applications include Swedish, shiatsu, stretch and fast. Swedish targets the loosening of the back, neck and shoulders with long strokes, circular motions and other rhythmic movements. Shiatsu stimulates the back, neck and shoulders with a soft, deep rubbing motion and tapping actions. Stretch will use rolling, pressing, shiatsu and kneading massages to target the back and shoulders. Fast gives a fast all round massage with emphasis on the back, neck and shoulders for a relieving massage.

With the EP-1272, there are eight manual massage methods for a tremendous range of choices for your massage therapy needs. The Genuine Pro Elite series features the following massages: Swedish, Hawaiian, soft shiatsu, tapping, regional rolling and full rolling. We specifically like the Hawaiian massage which loosens up the back muscles and also provides deeper penetration. Got tight shoulders, try the kneading massage to relieve the tension. The compression massage is wonderful to supply all round relief and to help your complete physique relax. This massage recliner has some sensational massage therapies.

The leg rest has a dual purpose massage. It can be utilized to massage the calves or the feet. If you location your legs into the leg rest, then it will target your calves. To massage your feet, the leg rest need to be raised much more horizontal and you have to bend your knees to location your feet in. The leg rest supplies an air compression massage. This is accomplished by energizing airbags constructed into the leg rest. They offer a gentle or firm squeeze, hold and release massage. This is specifically efficient to relieve tight, sore or aching muscles in the calves and feet.

The remote handle is nicely made. It is both simple and effortless to comprehend and to use. Select from the 4 one touch auto applications for instant full physique massage therapy. The side panel includes the 8 manual massage programs. Just choose the technique for you and select a back course and let it operate you more than until your troubles are gone. There are adjustments for the massage intensity and the width of the rollers. The handle also permits you to pinpoint a specific target location in your back for custom relief.

The EP1272 is the midrange Actual Pro Elite from Panasonic. It is packed full of manual massage methods for a barrage of custom massage therapies. The massage therapy is thorough and invigorating with this massage recliner. We are a bit disappointed with the industrial looking style and the short warranty. Other than this, this is a solid performer and a excellent value in the mid range level of massage chair recliners.

You just study our evaluation and assessment of the Panasonic EP 1272 Shiatsu Massage Chair. We carry the innovative Panasonic Massage Chairs. You may well also be interested in some of the other best massage chair brands like Omega, Human Touch and Sanyo. We carry a complete complement of massage chairs for significant massage therapy.

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