Options to the Classic Flower Girl Basket


The flower girl basket has regularly been featured in modern weddings. It has taken various forms, numerous have come a extended way from the woven, straw basket that flower girls carried down the wedding aisle in decades previous. This is not to say that these flower girl baskets were something significantly less than really desirable. In truth, its loveliness is what has kept brides-to-be insisting that the traditional flower girl basket be a portion of their wedding ceremonies down through the years. Presently, even so, options to the “normal” decorated woven or fabric-covered basket have appeared on the industry, two of which are the flower girl cone and the flower girl satchel.

The Cone. The flower girl cone gets its name from its shape. If you haven’t noticed one particular, try picturing an inverted triangle with a deal with created of ribbon or fabric attached at each and every of the upper ends. Although that is the basic outline, like the flower girl basket, the cone comes in a assortment of forms. Some are made completely of fabric, with no stiffening, and so will lay flat when not filled with flower petals. Others are stiff only around the upper rim. This style keeps the mouth of the cone open providing “roundness” to the rest of the otherwise limp cone. Sturdier flower girl cones are produced making use of a plastic type which is then covered with fabric, ensuring that the whole cone keeps its shape.

The flower girl cone can be extremely ornate, for instance, with the couple’s monogram embroidered onto it, and additional embellished with rhinestones or beads. Or it can be really straightforward, with no decorations in addition to a silk flower attached, or possibly, a single or two bows out of sheer or satin ribbon. At instances, only the fabric itself is what makes the flower girl cone interesting and wonderful. With this accessory, there is tremendous area for the potential bride to express her individual style.

The Satchel. Occasionally it can be a challenge for older flower girls to get employed to the thought of carrying a flower girl basket without having feeling that it will make them look too childish. The answer could be a second basket option–the flower girl satchel. The satchel is basically a basic bag generally made of fabric with a ribbon or cord handle. There is no particular rule on size, but the majority are fairly little, possessing, a lot more or significantly less, the dimensions of a ring bearer pillow. Given that the satchel can closely resemble a purse, flower girls are more likely to really feel much less uncomfortable with a single in hand when carrying out their wedding day role.

Some on the internet bridal shops provide flower girl satchels in a limited option of colors, mostly white or ivory. Because the bride’s dress is usually one of these colors, a white or ivory flower girl satchel will suffice if one cannot be obtained in her wedding colors. But, when ivory or white just won’t function, what can be done? That’s the time to seek out one particular of the growing number of world wide web bridal shops that specialize in customizing wedding accessories. So whether a flower girl satchel in turquoise and hot pink is preferred, or a single in navy and silver, it can be custom-made to the bride’s colour specifications.

Most weddings that contain a flower girl in the bridal party will also function a conventional flower girl basket, in a single type or an additional. For those brides who are determined to be a little exclusive, or who are trying to make an older flower girl content, then, either the flower girl cone or the flower girl satchel will be a excellent option to consider.

Catherine J. Wright is the owner and writer for an on the internet custom bridal accessories shop that delivers ring pillows, flower girl baskets, guest books, garters and more.

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