The New American Girl Doll This Christmas


If you have a young girl to shop for, then you possibly currently know that Chrissa, the American Girl of the Year for this year is certain to be 1 of the hot gifts on her Christmas list. Like all American Girl dolls, the workmanship is faultless and the doll is lovely. She has a light skin texture, straight brown shoulder length hair that is parted down the center. She has light blue eyes. She arrives dressed in a pink floral faux wrap with a flower at the waist and ribbon accents. She also is packaged with purple underwear, purple footwear and a floral ribbon bracelet. The package will also come with a pet mini-llama that is named Starburst. As with all American Girls, she is packaged with her very personal self-titled book.

The story of Chrissa was originally shown on tv in January of 2009, and was titled “Chrissa Takes a Stand”. In the film Chrissa has to understand to handle a single of today’s critical topics, bullying. As an answer to the huge quantity of requests from families to the American Girl firm on the subject, they determined that they would require a doll whose tale would take on this true and crucial problems that touches the lives of millions of girls day-to-day.

Chrissa is a inventive and friendly ten year old girl who has lately relocated to a new town in Minnesota with her family to reside with her grandmother, who she lovingly calls Nana. Chrissa’s mother Meg is a medical professional, while her father Paul tends to make platewear for a nearby firm. She also has a brother who is called Tyler who is exceptional in his knowledge of the universe and planets.

Her grandmother lives in a lake-front house in a nicely to do neighborhood. Chrissa’s favourite activities are swimming and diving. She is actually looking forward to swimming in the lake when warmer weather arrives. Chrissa is also very talented at sewing and knitting. But, when Chrissa and her family members relocate to the new neighborhood it is for the duration of the midpoint of the school semester. Since of this, Chrissa is a bit nervous about creating acquaintances at the new school.

When the time comes for Chrissa to begin going to school, she is provided a hard time by three girls in her new class. She refers to the girls as the “Imply Bees”. The girls tease Chrissa all more than the spot, such as swim club, around college and on the web. Chrissa chooses to stand up for herself, and be couregous and resilient.

This is a worthwhile tale for young girls to watch, as it depicts just how vital it is to handle these types of situations and how they might be capable to understand from them..

There are loads of fairly outfits that were showcased in the movie that can be purchased for the Chrissa doll. There is Starburst the mini-llama, along with other outfits and accessories for sledding, sewing, swimming and going out to a exciting event.

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