Understanding Your Dog’s Anal Glands


All dogs have anal glands. They are situated on either side of the anus. Behind the anal gland is a sac that secretes a strongly smelling substance. The dog utilizes is anal glands to mark its territory each time it excretes.

The scent that the dog deposits conveys info about the sex of the dog and its overall health. This is important for other dogs since they are territorial animals. That is why dogs smell one particular another’s anal glands and deposits of feces. They are checking for a male competitor or a female on heat.

When they function effectively a dog’s anal glands are no problem. But they can turn out to be blocked and that can lead to troubles. A accountable dog owner need to now how to express their dog’s anal glands to move the blockage and avoid problems. You might notice your dog dragging its rear finish across the grass. This implies that they are itchy and can be a symptom of blocked anal glands.

If you do not know how to express the dog’s anal glands then seek the advice of your veterinarian who will do it for you. It is a excellent concept to take the opportunity of finding out to do this yourself because it will save future vet’s bills and is comparatively simple.

What you want to do is to hold the dog’s tail up pointing towards its head. Then take a paper towel and press the left side of the left gland with your thumb and your forefinger on the proper side of the right gland. Squeeze firmly and gently. The glands must problem a brownish yellow substance.

If the glands have turn out to be seriously impacted the technique described above might not operate. You will then require to put on some surgical gloves. Lubricate them with KY jelly and get rid of the blockage manually.

You should insert your forefinger into the dog’s rectum and squeeze each and every gland in turn. This could prove harder than straightforward expression and the substance that comes out will be darker in colour and foul smelling.

If your dog’s anal glands become impacted they can get infected. You will notice bloody pus when you try to express them. In that case you need to treat the dog with antibiotics. It is much better to hold the anal glands clear then you will keep away from that scenario altogether.

Expressing your dog’s anal glands could look an unpleasant chore but it is critical in sustaining your dog’s common wellness. The itching that outcomes from ablocked anal gland can be really uncomfortable for the dog. If the blockage offers rise to an infection that can have essential well being implications.

Infections can generally be treated effortlessly with antibiotics but it is ideal to avoid antibiotics if feasible. The overuse of antibiotics is top to a lot of resistant strains of bacteria. Antibiotics must be employed only when essential.

A simple expression of the anal glands will avoid complications and save you some heavy veterinary bills in the future. It is the perform of a couple of minutes after you know how.

Tristan Andrews is a freelance author who writes articles about dogs and dog breeds.

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